Mihir Garh Wedding Photographer // Kish + Kush

Hi Matt! I’ve recently seen all of the photos from the wedding and I’m so so pleased with them – you’ve done such an amazing job! I was especially eager to see all of Kush’s side of the wedding day as I wasn’t there and I don’t think it could’ve been captured better. Also, all of the friends dancing shots – I don’t know how you got those, I swear I didn’t notice when you took them. You’ve played a large part in making our dreams come true. Thank you so so much for coming all the way to India to do this for us, and for being so incredible while you were out there.

Kish + Kush

India has long been on my list of countries to visit. I had the opportunity to go on a street photography trip last year but due to wedding commitments I couldn’t make it work. When my very good friend, and incredible photographer, Lyndsey Goddard, asked me if I’d like to go to India to photograph an amazing wedding with her I couldn’t quite believe my ears! Lyndsey explained that she had booked a 3 day wedding out in India and the couple, Kish and Kush, were thinking about adding a second photographer. The universe aligned and I was onboard!

We arrived in India with enough time to settle into the time zone change and shoot some street photography. India really is an assault on the senses but in the best way possible. The people are so humble and accommodating. I can liken it to my experience of travelling Burma a couple of years ago.

I could write about all the incredible details of the wedding forever, but needless to say, it was one of the best weddings of my career. A 1920’s ‘Prohibition in the Palace’ style party, a full on Mendhi with street food in the middle of a sand castle in the desert followed by the final day in probably the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen – Mihir Garh (which recently won the World Luxury Hotel 2017 Award!) and a mini Burning Man style dinner and rave in the desert. Words can’t really do this justice!!

Mihir Garh Wedding Photographer

Like any other Mihir Garh wedding photographer we scouted the locations the day before so we were familiar with everything and we could make the most of the beautiful locations. Indian weddings can be pretty full on so its always important to know exactly what is happening and where.

Kish and Kush were amazing to work with – I can’t thank them enough for making us feel so welcome and for giving me some experiences that I’ll never forget. THANK YOU! The best thing about this experience in terms of photography, was that Kish and Kush wanted proper documentary photography for the entire 3 days. I think we directed them for maybe 15 mins in total! As photojournalists, this really allows us to settle in to a rhythm and get the best photos possible.

We also worked alongside a super videographer – Richard Leng. I can’t recommend him highly enough. His style and approach is so similar to a documentary photographer that we really complement each other. As soon as his highlight film is online I’ll share a link here.

Right, thats enough from me! I’ve taken a different approach with this blog post – the photos below are not in chronological order. I figured it would be fun to mix things up :) I hope to enjoy looking through some of my favourite photos from a breathtaking wedding…

For the photographers; everything was shot using Fuji x-Pro2′s and a combination of the 16mm, 23mm, 35mm and 56mm prime lenses. Any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to ask.

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